Thursday, November 29, 2012

The great UGG debacle (Or: Why I hate UGGs)

It's no secret that I can't stand UGGs. My mum thinks they're adorable, I have friends who adore them, had classmates in fashion school who wore them daily, and am sure that many people will disagree with me and proclaim their undying love of them after I post this, but I hate them. With a firey burning passion. (I also hate Crocs, but we'll talk about that another day)

Here is why:

They are slippers. Slippers are meant to be worn inside.

Now, I'm not innocent in this, I've worn slippers outside. But, I learned my lesson, fast. Though my "boots" were much cuter then flumpy UGGs, they got wet in rainy Vancouver, instantly. And I threw them away when they had gone through the wash a few times and still smelled like someone's feet had died inside of them. Ew, not pretty.

But, I'm getting side-tracked. UGGs originated as surfer boots, to wear between sessions, so one's toes didn't get too cold. Sounds like slippers to me: footwear that one puts on during periods of rest between activities so that one's feet stay warm and toasty.

Plus, they just look like slippers, and if everyone would just wear them inside, I would be totally ok with that. But, more often than not, the street is taken over by girls in their skinny jeans and squealchy UGGs as soon as the weather gets a little nippy.

And, they think they look like this:

All cute and cuddley and Kate Hudsoney (notice she's wearing pyjamas in this photo, proper UGG-wearing attire). When in reality, most UGGs end up looking like this:

Slouchy and crumpled and more bag-lady than fashionista. Not to mention that they take about 30 seconds to go from snuggly to soaked:

Ew. Who would want to put their foot in that? Not to mention that they take eons to dry, and smell like wet dogs in mud puddles during that drying process. I've had roommates who like them too, I know.

You'd think that, as a booties made for people who surf (a water sport), they would be waterproof, or quick-drying. Apparently not.

Recently, I was at Nordstrom, killing time while I waited for my mum, and I thought I would check out the shoes. And, of course, I stumbled upon a whole bunch of UGGs.

Look! Slippers! Oh, no, wait, those are supposed to go outside?

And sparkley slippers? Sure, why not.

But, then, they admitted it! These are actual UGG slippers:

That's not to say that everything the UGG company does is terrible. Their riding boots are pretty spot on:

And, though I'm really picky with motorcycle boots (most of them are too clunky for me), the styles in their Motto collection are pretty on trend:

So, let me end the great UGG debate by saying: UGG, you and I can be friends! Just, please, stick to making real footwear, and keep the slippers at home.

What do you think of them? I've love to hear your thoughts, whether you are pro- or anti-UGG!


  1. i have a picture of someone wearing those sparkly UGGs at SFU, remind me to send it to you.

    I have a pair of sheep-skin booties my grandmother got me, i only wear them inside my apartment and my apartment building. the thought of getting them dirty outside is so unappealing. im with you on this, UGGs need to GO.

    1. Please DO!

      And, I'm all for sheepskin SLIPPERS, be they booties or other styles, thanks for wearing them inside :)

  2. I was out on Broadway on a rainy day once when I saw a family walking down the street with the tween-aged daughter falling behind. When the dad called back to her to hurry up she said, "I can't walk through puddles in my Uggs, my feet will get wet." Her father replied, "Then you shouldn't be wearing them outside!" And kept on walking. A wise man.

  3. I agree, UGG. Even the name of the shoe gives you a hint UGGLY! But I understand they comfortable and someone convinced the world that it looks stylish Or perhaps can make money. But I'd rather have something strong, comfy, water proof with a style! :D
    Can't wait for your blog on CROCs lol.

    1. WATERPROOF is the key word. They look like bag-lady shoes the second they get wet :/

      And oh man, the croc rant is coming, just you wait ;)!

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